What is the problem?

The problem is that a lot of animals are dying because of loss of habitats which is caused by agriculture, deforestation, forest fragmentation by roads, and human population growth. Other threats are global warming, pollution, hunting, fishing, and trading. Basically the problem here is that if we don't stop global warming and pollution and using animal skin to make clothes, shoes, handbags etc. extinction might increase more and that is a big issue because a lot of people eat animals so think about how it will affect you. If we stop pollution then extinction will decrease so basically we have to solve other global issues in order to solve this problem because it's major causes are global issues.

Why is this a problem?

This is a problem because Biodiversity and Ecosystem losses is a major role in food chains and food webs. In the food web, what do you think might happen if all the producers were extinct? The primary consumers wouldn't have anything to eat soon, they themselves will get extinct. Then the next level (secondary consumers) won't have anything to digest into their digestive system, since the primary consumers are extinct. As you can see, the problem we will be facing. Extinction also counts on trees, if we cut down all the trees, to use it for our least important needs. We are only harming ourselves and the animals. We could run out of oxygen and plant life for the herbivores. Some animals can also loose their natural habitat. For example the Chinese panda and the sloth bear who lead their life on the trees. As humans chop down the trees and use the land for the their selfish needs of housing, you are destroying the habitat of rare species in this world.

Who is affected?

Everyone is affected by biodiversity. Most people would think only animals are affected. But the truth is us humans are also included. How? Well it’s simple:No animals = no food = no humans. This is because our whole entire diet depends on animals. First of all, we eat their meat. Secondly we drink their milk. Other than the obvious resources, they also help with our herbal diet. If you haven’t noticed having animals around the farm help keep the soil fertile. This means without animals we will have bad food. :D Other than the fact that we can’t survive without food, biodiversity has other problems.Take beauty for example, because without animals the world wouldn’t be half as beautiful. Can you imagine the world without living creatures? You might think biodiversity is the existence of animals, but the truth is, it is the existence of all living creatures including humans.

What will happen if this issue is not addressed?

Animals need food, water and a place to shelter to survive, as do we. The animal's homes are being destroyed to make our homes larger, their water supplies are decreasing as we speak so that the lakes can become a place of leisure for us, as well as this we are killing them for food, fur and other unnecessary necessities. This can affect the population of the animals, and the population of the human race. A lot of animals are already near extinction and some are extinct. If we look at the food chain it goes around in circles, we need animals to survive and they need what we are taking away from them. If one thing is miss balanced in the food chain or completely taken out, then that could mess up the rest of the food chain, as each organism depends on the other, so what we have here is a major dilemma.

Possible Solutions

In order to solve this issue we need to stop polluting which means instead of throwing our trash on the floor when we are done with it or in the sea we have to throw it in a trash bin. We also have to address this problem to our community so we can make fliers and pass them around our neighbor hoods. At school we can make presentations about this issue and that way everyone in the school could be aware of this problem. We can hold bake sales or non- uniforms etc. and we can donate the money we collect to animal saving foundations. Another very simple thinking to do is recycle, you can have baskets put in each classroom, one for paper, one for plastic etc.Basically you can start solving this problem once everyone is aware because then we can all work together to stop animal extinction because it will not only affect animals and the environment but also us because we are part of the food chain.

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Practical Solutions

In order to solve this problem we need to stop polluting around the world espesially near forests and zoos (where animal life is). If people continue polluting around the world, it will affect then animal life. If you throw a chocolate wraper on the floor, an animal can swallow and suffocate on it and die. My next example, is a ship that is transporting oil and it crashes onto a ice berg and the oil spills out into the oecan. Sea creatures can get sick when they get the oil into their body and die. This is how if we stop polluting it can help the animal life. We can also raise money to help them by a bake sale, quack feast etc.


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