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What is the problem? In almost all countries people are cutting down trees and in huge amounts. Also as we speak here we are loosing oxygen every minute, which is the main problem here. The amount of oxygen being lost is 40 % which is what is causing diseases to us humans!!! We are loosing not only oxygen but also we are loosing fruits because trees are there main source of fruits and vegetables. Meats are also being lost from this problem like chicken and sheep because of the oxygen problems like us humans.
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Why is this a problem?

Since everyday America chops down miles of trees, we currently lost 40% of the worlds oxygen. Most of the floods and landslides happen a lot because if the trees are chopped down, the roots die out as well and the roots are the only support to hold the soil together. The rate of Carbon Dioxide (C02) emissions are growing in an incredible rate more than the rate of trees growing. Trees absorb C02 also but too much will kill the tree.

Who is affected?

Due to the cause of deforestation many creatures have been affected and many got killed, because many of the trees that got cut down were homes to some animals. Also us humans will get affected because trees give us oxygen and we give trees carbon dioxide. So people have to really stop cutting down trees.

What will happen if issue is not addressed?

Well if all of the trees and plants are completely gone, the c02 emissions have nowhere else to go but the atmosphere and we won't be able to have oxygen to breath and no more vegetables and fruits. Trees are the "lungs" of the Earth and if its all gone, we would all die along with the world.

Possible Solutions

For sure we can absolutely not tell the people cutting down trees to stop because we need the wood and they won't listen to us. But we as an environment can go out and plant more trees, and also we should stop carving on them or building things like tree houses on top. Even some people cut trees down just for fun or for unneeded reasons. So we should plant some more trees and have some tree management.

My Story

This is our voice-threads, which are pictures that we put in the site called and we talked with our voices while we played each picture. - Mohammed S. - Basel k - Youssef M

Practical Solutions

The practical solution addressed would be that my school making a community and service and activity to recycle. Also many people every year join from our school, and the people doing it are doing a good job. The school also made recycling bins, one for plastic, one for paper and one for metal cans and everyone follows them.

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