Natural Disasters

What is the problem?

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  • What it is and what impact it is having in the world

Why is this a problem?

  • This is a problem that started occuring more often in the last couple of years and affected countries all over the world
  • Include causes (Natural, Man-made, Other)

Who is affected?

Natural disasters affect every human on Earth. Depending on the area that the natural disasters occur, people around the world have different ways in taking care of their lives in the aftermath. If an area is very wet and a tsunami strikes, the area is going to suffer a lot more becasue it is already wet and adding more water will make it flood. It can affect everyone, from any city, or country, because you never know when the next disaster will strike and, more importantly, you never know where.

What will happen if issue is not addressed?

Every desicion has consequences. If no one brings up the fact that natural disasters happen very frequently, no one will send help with food and water and other things to the people in the affected areas might despreatly need. Also people that have quiet a lot of money, send help packages to the people that need them, so they also help. They help because they know how much the people there suffer each day. Some of them lost their houses and have no food to give to their children so , if the issue is not adressed, more people in the striked areas will die or they will suffer a lot more.

Possible Solutions

Posible solutions.People can make more campaigns making people want to donate. More charitable acts from the people that are rich. Only people don't know that thise things happen and no one is doing campaigns (as many as needed). Also more specialists in some areas of medicie should go in the areas and help everyone that needs medical investigations, because from the tsunami's and other natural disasters, their houses fall and they fall on them, causing serious injuries.

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Practical Solutions

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