Infectious Diseases

The problem is that many people are dying of diseases due to smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and eating or chewing tobacco. Many people try to stop these kinds of people but they are so addicted that they cant stop and eventually die due to this disease.The diseases are natural disease and smoking, using drugs, drinking alcohol. Many people are dieing everyday due to these diseases.

We need to stop these diseases. For people that smoke or using drugs etc. We must convince them to stop doing this stuff otherwise they are going to die. Doctors should create a medicine that stop addiction of these things. For natural diseases doctors should create a vaccine or medicine or anything that could cure these people
.There are many causes of diseases.There are natural diseases and there are manmade diseases. Some of the natural diseases are Cancer, Heart Disease, HIV and AIDS. Man made diseases are like smoking, using drugs, and drinking alchohol. Many of these things lead to death due to Cancer from the drugs.

Most of the people will be affected who smoke or take drugs etc. Other ways are that if someone is born in a really poor country. The issue affects us if we are born in a poor country because sometimes the hospitals in that particular country or city dont have very safe hospitals so many kids die during birth. Sometimes kids are born with a disease that cant be cured.

If this Issue is not resolved then a lot of people would lose their lives, For Example, if the Issue is not resolved lets say 2020 then there would be about 2 million people that have lost their lives and about 1 million people that are at the risk of dying. Poor people wont be able to survive because medications cost a lot of money and they wont be able to afford it. So we should make the medications and the vaccines cheaper for the poor so that we can live without any problems.

Scientists and Doctors are working so hard to try finding a way to control or Eliminate the Diseases. People think now that they can Control or Eliminate Diseases, Cancer etc. But actually if they go read todays headlines they would know how that hope turned out to be.

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