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Illegal Drugs

Illegal Drugs
· Provide a summary of the issue here.
Illegal drugs are types of natural substances, or other types of things that originate naturally. The problem is that, even though they may sometimes have medical uses, they are sometimes taken by people who are not authorized for their use, to affect their mood or behavior. Illegal drugs and sold all around the world, where they are grown, processed and sold to people, because of their effects (lightheaded, dizzyness, sleepiness, forgetfullness) .[1]
· What it is and what impact it is having in the world
· Drugs have been affecting many people, and this needs to stop because this may cause many problems with peoples minds, and in the longterm, lead to death. It can also ruin our environment causing global warming, such as weed.
· Explain the significance of this issue as a problem
Illegal drugs obviuosly have life threatening dangers. Some of these are cancer(of many different types), skin diseases, your body becomes numb, loss of sight and speaking abilities and ofcourse death. This is smuggled as some people say it gives stress relief. Its dangers are not highlighted because of those reasons. It is being smuggled to people of all ages, even children. These are natural plants and weeds but then are being processed so humans have a big hand in this.
· Include causes (Natural, Man-made, Other)
Drugs pose dangers well beyond the harm they cause to those who use them. Drugs can also be sold by people who have very high stress in their lifes and just like to use something to make them forget about their world for a while.
· Detail people who will be most affected by this issue and explain in what ways
· This Issue will affect people who like to smoke, especially teenagers. They can be affected by buying marijuana, and marijuana is a very addictive Drug. The illegal drug is a global black market consisting of the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal controlled drugs. This is where people would by Illegal Drugs from.
· Explain how the issue affects you, your city, your country, the world?
· This issuse can't affect lots people in this country ( Qatar ) Because first of all the country is Small and there are lots of police patrol that goes and roams around the country to search for people who sell and buy Illegal drugs. 20% of Qatar sell Marijuana. In the other neighbouring countries, most of them have a 60% of Trading Illegal Drugs at the black market.
· Consider the future and the implication if this issue is not addressed
If this issue is not addressed in the near future it will be hard to stop as it will be easier to market/smuggle into the areas. This will be smuggled to larger populations and will be sooner or later very hard to stop for the gernment of the nation. It would be sold in the black market which for police to crack-down is very hard. When sold in black it is called "the illegal drug trade". Only 13% of the worlds black market has been stopped. Showing its nearly impossible to stop once already started. The government should issue campaigns and different presnetations to make the audience more aware and has a better chance to stop the creation of the black markets.external image DEVIL16.jpg external image 20071127182212.jpg

Possible Solutions
· List possible solutions that people could take on (include links to web sites where action is already underway)
People can try to raise awareness, by visiting schools and classes to educate kids about the dangers of drug abuse and how hard it is to quit once you are started. The website is a an orginization that comes to schools around the world and teaches students about substance abuse, to make sure that they know the dangers of the illegal drugs.
NOTE: I have attacked a list below of useful resources that can be used to help with your research:
[1] // Very useful site, uses simple, easy to understand terminology, and solutions to substance abuse.
[2] Another useful website, more information provided about the technicalities of drug abuse :) Goodluck

My Story
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Aditya Singh- link to voicethread or
Hossam Khattab - eportfolio: voicethread:

Practical Solutions
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· [1] J. F. Rischard. 2002. High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them. Basic Book. Amazon> [2] Robert Lalasz. 2002. High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years to Solve Them. Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars. Downloaded 10 Jan 2010
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