What is the problem?

Poverty is where one cannot afford the basic needs of a human being on a daily basis. This means that they cannot pay for food,water and shelter. Destitution or absolute poverty can be referred to as well. Relative poverty is a state in which people can have fewer resources or rather a lack of income compared to others in their, country, region and around the world. The human race needs basic needs to live everyday for example...clean water, nutrition, shelter, health insurance. Some people in the world have been deprived of these privileges and suffer because of this. The economy plays a part in the fight for poverty and one of the causes for poverty. The financial crisis has left many jobless and unfortunately the bread-winners for some families are without jobs.

Why is this a problem?

  • Negative effects of poverty:
  • Slow development for counties. For example, if a large percentage of a population is in poverty, they probably will not have access to essentials such as decent education, creating a generation of people whose contribution to human capital for their country is minimal. Human capital is an extremely important factor of production, and is a major contributant to national income of a country.

Who is affected?

  • 1- Poverty is the state for the majority of the worlds people and nations. But Sadly poverty is not taken as a global issue. People are affected by poverty by having no money bieng poor and geting hungary but they cant eat so that causes depresion.poverty is a major issue because people cant find ffood therfore people can steel for food or money.

What will happen if issue is not addressed?

  • Poverty is a very big issue, and if it is not addressd many people might become homeless, sick and maybe even die. For example if poverty increases in Haiti at the same time as the population increasing and un-employements increasing the sanitation conditions in the slums will be out of control and many people will be very sick. I think that poverty needs to be stopped or lots and lots of people, not just in Haiti but in countries like Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Kongo etc: - will be in desperate trouble and they wont have the right environments to live in. Many people could be sick and not afford treatment so they could die. A lot of pregnant women wont have enough money to raise the baby or afford abortion so it could be a dangerous thing. I think that Poverty is very dangerous and it needs to be stopped.

My Story

Poverty is a common word known as a being poor. Poor people cannot even afford a loaf of bread. Poverty is not considered a global issue since it is minor but if we do take action in this issue we could change a lot of peoples lives. some people in let's say Egypt a country in northern africa, has a population of 80 million people. Most of those people are poor. As they sweep the streets for a small amount of money they cannot even support a family or a house. Most sleep on the streets and eat out of the trash. If we help this cause we could make people homes and hold a service for themk to bathe them and feed them. If we advertise on blogs or on other websites then more people would help. COuntries such as Haiti have many earthqauakes because they are in places where there are many natural disorders there, These earthquakes crumble small houses in which the haitians live to pieces. Poverty is in almost every country in the world, Homeless people on the side of the street. these homelles people on the street cannot afford health cover, medicines, or even houses.

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Practical Solutions :

We could stop spending so much money on unnecessary things that we don't need and instead help those in need. For example instead of buying the latest Sony LCD, LED 70' TV, you can instead buy a normal TV of appropriate size and this way you have a couple of thousand left over. From that leftover try to give at least 10 or 20 %. Also we understand that in some religions it dictates that you should show compassion to the less fortunate. Try, instead of looking at people and saying "Oh, how sad, someone will hopefully take care of this person" or " God help him", think, you are that someone, you are the help God sent. Be kind, give the people SOMETHING, anything. Big or small, everything counts.


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